Gong Goo


- Researcher in Ph.D program of Media art.
   Soongsil University

- Master degree of Media art
   in Soongsil University

- Bachelor degree of painting
   in Hongik University

Born in 1970 and raised in South Korea. Studied Fine Arts at Hongik University, Seoul, Master's Degree and Ph.D Course Completion in Media art at Soongsil University, Seoul.

The archetype is the starting point of my artwork. The archetype is transmitted unconsciously in each race and region. The Korean archetypes have achieved a high spiritual world, but most of them have been lost. Today, the Korean archetypes rarely appear in sports ‘archery’, ‘pc games’, ‘Korean Wave’, and traditional ‘acupuncture’. There are two main reasons why Korean archetypes has disappeared. For a long time, the invasion, plunder, and interference of the great powers have largely lost the territory of Korea, resulting in serious damage to their identities. Furthermore, the reign of the “Silla dynasty” for a thousand years exacerbated the problem. The other is that Korea didn't achieve mordernization by its own power. Because of these two big problems, Korea has lost most of its excellent traditional archetype and senses. My artwork is to find them.