New Project

Economy of Plunder

The next work is a book and YouTube activity that contains the contents of the predatory economy.
Books and YouTube activities are progressed through the following works.


Predatory economy prevention program: This channel is a 'membership-oriented' channel that prevents economic plunder, and protects 'national wealth' and 'personal assets' with [prevention of fatal accidents] and [risk management], which occur the most in investment.

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Book KOR

100년 만의 세계경제 붕괴 위기와 리플혁명: 4차 산업혁명시대 암호화폐 진화와 화폐전쟁

The reality and forecast of the world economy analyzed with accurate data. It suggests economic trends facing a period of great global economic transition.

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Book ENG

THE CRISIS OF WORLD ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IN 100 YEARS AND THE RIPPLE REVOLUTION (Revised Edition): The Evolution of Cryptocurrency and the Currency War in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

A book for those interested in the future of the economy, finance, foreign exchange, the 4th industrial revolution, and cryptocurrency.

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